Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Handler of the Month

February's Handler of the Month goes to...

This month we have chosen Art as our handler of the month! As always, this is an honor that is awarded to the student handler who has gone above and beyond in their call of duty.  Art has personally stepped up and been a big asset to our program.  He has always been a dedicated member of our program, but just recently has taken on a bigger role.  In this role, Art is required to keep constant communication with team members and the administrative board, and he has done an amazing job.  Art has shown that he is fully capable of taking on more responsibility, and he is truly appreciated among the club.  Art is constantly asking questions to learn more and is willing to apply himself to be a better trainer.  We want to thank Art for being a committed member of this club for so long, and we can see the growth that you have made as an individual. It is so rewarding to see you work well with the dogs and people too! Thanks for everything you have done, whether it is being at all the fundraising events or coming to every training, we definitely see your dedication. Keep up the good work, Art!

Art giving some love to some of our graduated service dogs

Art at one of the events for the Illini Service Dogs
Art with other Team Kirby members at Kirby's graduation

Art at another event for the Illini Service Dogs


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