Thursday, December 12, 2013

Handler of the Month

December's Handler of the Month goes to...

This month, Brenna was chosen as handler of the month because of her constant willingness to go above and beyond for the program.  Brenna makes herself available whenever we need her to help out. She is Blue's head secondary, which means she has made more of a commitment to taking Blue whenever the primary is gone or needs extra help.  Brenna has excelled in showing her ability to train Blue and help him progress in his journey to becoming a service dog.  She has helped advance his skills, such as lights, nudge, and more.  Not only does she offer to take Blue whenever she has time, but she has also been super flexible and willing to take the other dogs as well.  Brenna has offered her talent in helping out with training and assisting the training leader however possible.  Her dedication truly shows, but it is especially shown through her attempts to become more involved and play a bigger role in the program.  Brenna is a natural when it comes to dog training, and that is seen by the relationship that has developed between her and Blue.  Illini Service Dogs is so lucky to have Brenna as a part of the program and we can't thank you enough Brenna! Keep up the awesome attitude and good work!

Blue adores his Brenna!
Two peas in a pod!

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