Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Handler of the Month

November's Handler of the Month goes to...

Ashley has really stepped up this year and been a big asset to the Illini Service Dogs.  She has proven her commitment by accepting the role as a head secondary.  She is always willing to watch Willy whenever she can, and she has gone above and beyond in taking care of him.  She willingly forfeited a free weekend to watch Willy when the primary was out of town.  Ashley actually lives with Willard's primary handler and recently accepted a team change in order to allow for Willy's smooth transition into their apartment.  This alone just shows that she is a team player and really has the dogs' interests at heart.  Ashley is super flexible with her schedule and is willing to dedicate as much time as possible to help further the training of Willy.  She has also helped out with Scout when needed, and even made a trip out to Peoria for an event with all the dogs.  We cannot thank Ashley enough for all that she has done for Willard and the program.  We realize that it isn't always easy, but your commitment truly shows!

Ashley giving Willy some love

Ashley with her BFF Scout on the way to an event

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