Thursday, September 5, 2013

Handler of the Month

September's Handler of the Month goes to......
Sam P.!

Sam has been a great asset to our club and is always willing to lend a hand whenever needed! She has been a huge help in taking Willy whenever the primary has somewhere else to go or just needs a break. Sam has really stepped it up as a secondary trainer and has really helped to advance Willy in his skill set.  Willy responds wonderfully to Sam and she has taken the time to build a great relationship with him. She is always a big advocate for our club and will go above and beyond to make sure people know about us and what we do! Thanks for all your hard work Sam; it definitely does not go unnoticed!

Sam playing basketball with Willard on a nice day

Sam on a trip to the Shedd with Chief and Lauren

Sam getting some cuddle time with Willy when we first brought him home


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